Kampala, Uganda: Taxis & Car Rental Information and Tips

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May 20, 2019
Kampala – Uganda Self drive Information, Guide and Tips
May 20, 2019

Kampala, Uganda: Taxis & Car Rental Information and Tips

I would say; hiring a private vehicle or taxi is probably the safest way to get around and probably the best thing if you’re outgoing person especially in the dark.

If you take public transport it can be quite frightening, due to the way they overload all the vehicles with passengers and goods and not many of them would operate during late night hours.Private taxis and rental cars are both good options for getting around while visiting Kampala.

However, driving in Kampala and Uganda may be a little overwhelming for first time visitors.Basic taxi cars are widely available throughout the city of Kampala. Taxis can generally be found at busy public locations such as airports, bus stations and trains stations, as well as at the numerous taxi ranks around the city. There are several companies operating in the Kampala and Uganda at large; Our telephone number +256 775367760 can be contacted at all time one needs a pick up or drop off to Kampala and every destination in Uganda and East Africa. Fares are generally determined by time involved or distance traveled.

You can check out our rental price list based on vehicle size and time used by clicking on this link.Kampala Taxi hiring Tip; If you are hiring a private taxi on any of the streets in and out of Kampala, fares should be agreed upon before beginning a journey to avoid any complications at the ride’s conclusion.Minivans (call them minibuses) are also widely available throughout Kampala and work as a type of taxi. These buses can be hailed from the side of the road, and can fit a large number of people.

Buses will often drive around multiple parties heading in similar directions. Fares are to be negotiated and agreed upon before beginning a journey.
Driving can be a great way to see Kampala and all of Uganda. However, first time visitors should check out this Driving in Uganda page before deciding to get behind the wheel of a car. There are numerous car rental companies based around the city. Contact us for help regarding rentals and car hiring in Kampala Uganda.

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