1 day Kampala City Tour

1 day trip safari to Jinja
May 16, 2019
2 days Ngamba Chimpanzee Tour!
May 20, 2019

1 day Kampala City Tour

Experience short, affordable guided trips around Kampala and Entebbe.

Have a mesmerizing experience during your stay with us by visiting major tourist destinations and attractions within and near Kampala.

Tour the Ancient, Outstanding and Renown Buganda Palace called Kabaka`s Lubiri at Bulange ,It’s a Tourist attraction because of its massive perimeter wall built on a four square mile piece of land in the City centre,just a few Kilometers from Kampala.

Tour thevarious King`s burial grounds (Kabaka) within Kampala besides Kasubi tombs, Wamala sites, Kanyange sites, and then the Kabaka`s coronation site at Nagalabi.

Gadhafi mosque, with its high tower overlooking the City, this was named after the Late President of Libya Gadhafi.

Kabaka`s man-made lake, which was dug in the 1800 by Kabaka`s subjects and get to hear the tale behind it.

A half day visit to Uganda wild Life Education Center (Former Zoo) at Entebbe 34Km from our guest house, there are lots of caged animals.

A whole day visit to the source of the Nile in Jinja and famous water rafting sites and water falls along River Nile, get to see Sezibwa falls, a nature walk in Mabira forest which takes 45 minutes. This is approximately 85Km from the guest house.-A visit to Speke Resort Munyonyo for Horse rides, canoeing on Lake Victoria, 15Km from the guest house.

A visit to Namugongo shrines to acquaint with Uganda`s rich religious History about the Uganda Martyrs, 15Km from the guest house.

A half day visit to the Equator, 85Km from the guest house. Enjoy taking pictures while standing at Zero degrees of the Earth.

A run about ride within the city to major shopping centers, Craft shops, Boutiques, Banks, and others.

The Uganda Museum, Bahai Temple and the famous worship Cathedrals, the Uganda National Theater and crafts Markets.

A visit to the famous Cultural Ndeere Centre and experience the Ndeere Troupe, keeping Uganda`s Cultures Alive and great cultural Dances and music from throughoutUganda. An evening with the Ndeere Troupe is something not to be missed, it’s a must see, for every visitor in Kampala.The cultural diversity cannot be matched by anyone.

Experience the real Uganda first hand,its Cultures,Traditions,Customs and ways.Learn new skills,ways,craft-making,cooking,dancing,drumming from Ugandans through hands-on experiences in the Pearl of Africa Uganda.The Pearl of Africa is a country of many experiences that create lasting memories,you will find Uganda stunning and beautiful.

Enjoy the local drama at Uganda`s National Theatre.ENJOY!!!!

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